How To Play Your Preferred Online Casino Games On Linux

Linux desktop users are growing, but they still represent a relatively small community, which is why casino operators and developers alike haven’t yet really focused on this audience. Nevertheless, nowadays Ubuntu users, who represent 90% of the entire Linux community, are more than 40 million worldwide, and hence it is absolutely understandable that many of them may want to enjoy a few casino games on their pc once in a while. If you are one of them and want to play casino games on Linux, you may already know the options you have. Here we want to briefly remind to fellow Linux users and gamblers what they should do to play at their preferred casino which does not have, as it usually happens, a version for Linux.

What casino should you choose?

The online casino reviews are designed to offer you an overview of the different casinos and what each offers. You can simply search for a casino and play online at a casino that offers flashy graphics and interesting imagery or you can do your research and play at a casino that will give you what you’re looking for in terms of game variety, bonus packages, multi-platform access, user-friendly connectivity, fair play, security and more.

When you read the reviews of the various casinos, take a moment to jot down the pros and cons of each casino site. Then compare them so that when you start to play, you’ll enjoy a top overall gambling adventure.

What’s my preferred casino?

I am from Canada, and for example, I usually play at Canadian Casinos, and in my opinion, that’s what you should do – investigate if a given casino is available in your country. I also like casinos that have been around for many years as I am sure they are still here for a reason whether it is great games, satisfying gameplay, rewarding payouts or lucrative bonuses, or all of the above.

What if you want to play at your preferred casino on Linux?

Well, it depends. Some providers have developed specific versions for Linux, while others like for example Microgaming have not, thus you have basically 4 options:

1. Play using a Linux browser

No download casinos allow you to play casino games directly on your browser. This is probably the easiest and more hassle-free way for any Linux OS user. Ubuntu users will need a browser that enables Flash graphics and animations to run the games smoothly.

Adobe Flash Player can be easily found on the Adobe site and the installation is usually very fast and simple to do. Downloading files into your computer is not needed and you can play instantly as long as you have an Internet connection.

No download casinos are nowadays also evolving towards HTML5 technology which means that you won’t even need Flash installed to play.

2. Play using a Windows emulator

Using a Windows emulator you will be able to run the Windows .exe files and play like you were a Windows user. You’ll first need to download Wine (a Windows emulator) which is an open-source program. Visit the Wine official website, find out which software package works better for your Linux version, and download it. Also, make sure to install TrueType core fonts and Windows system programs. Basically follow all the tips you will find there to have a smooth experience with your emulation.

Once downloaded, Wine will allow any Windows application to be operated on Linux by converting API immediately, including of course any casino software designed for Windows. The casino software should start running once the emulator has been installed regardless of the Linux or Ubuntu version you use. Once the installation process has begun, the last step will involve rebooting Wine through the “wine boot” control.

If you encounter technical issues or connection problems, adjust the settings until the casino application runs efficiently and you can finally truly enjoy the game.

3. Play using a dual boot system

Another option you have is a dual boot system. Basically, here you install Windows onto your Linux computer and leave both OSs to operate at the same time so that the casino software will operate through Windows and you can keep working normally through Linux. Make sure to consider the hardware resources needed to do this though and the risks involved before moving on a dual boot system.

4. Play using the Android Apps on Linux with ARChon

Microgaming casinos usually offer Android apps to play on your mobile device on the go. As you may know, Android is developed using the Linux kernel, so you may wonder – can I use an Android app on my Linux desktop? The answer is – Yes, you can. You can read here how you can do that, but basically, you will need the Chrome browser, a tool called ARChon created by Vlad Filippov, which brings a specialized version of the Android runtime that works on the desktop version of Chrome, and the .apk file of the app you want to install that you can build directly on your Android device with an app called ARChon Packager and can be installed from within the Google Play Store for free.

Now that you know all your options, for the best games, safest gameplay, and highest level of online casino entertainment, open an account at your preferred casino and play.

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