A Few Easy Steps to Play Online Poker through Linux OS

Many computer users who use their machine for playing their games won’t choose Linux as their operating system for fear they are restricted to the world of gaming. While this was a matter of the past, there is no concern about this aspect these days with several playing game options available for computers that run on Linux.

This article will describe a few steps that can help you play¬†online poker games if playing these games counts among your favorite pastime. So, the question that I sense you have on your lips is: “Can I use Linux and play online poker?”

Well, the answer is “yes” because all those players who have Linux can choose from several options for their online poker experience. Here you have three of the most commonly used methods:

– Find a Linux poker site with an ‘Instant Play’ or ‘No download’ option. It is not required for you to install the game on your computer to be able to play the game. What is there needed to install is Java/Flash Plug-In and then simply click on any of the options ‘No download’ or ‘Instant play’.

Since there are many online websites offering this alternative, you will find it displayed on the home page of the site and then you can instantly play without any problem. One thing that is worth noting: as compared to the Windows version, Linux Poker sites have limited features and functions and for this reason check with what they provide to ensure that you enjoy the game at its maximum.

– The other possibility of playing Linux online poker is to install WINE on your computer which is the software that you can get for free (many other features pertaining to Linux) and allows you to play games that are Windows-based programs. One thing that is worth noting here: you may feel a little bit frustrated by the lack of features when installing WINE to play online poker on Linux, but there is no reason to get concerned since there are options for Java Applet-Flash Plug-In always to resort to in this case.

– The next possibility that enables you to play online poker through Linux OS is to perform a dual booting through which you can operate both Linux and Windows on the same system, however, make sure not to do this simultaneously. A word of caution when using this option: dual booting comes with a loss of files, so before you do this, make sure that you safely back up your files, and then you are ready to go.

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