How to Get Started with Linux – The Easy Way

You may be surprised to learn that compared to the past days, Linux has become these days the choice of operating system for many computer users. And it is no wonder with so many benefits this system comes with, among which we count the free availability, the excellent security and more importantly the easiness in getting started through the use of Live CD.

This is a recent method adopted by Linux developers in order to introduce users to this system, all those users who have become more familiar with Windows OS than with any other system and are looking for a change.

It is true that you can find these days almost each and every Linux distribution packed with this CD where everything you need to know is contained in it. This CD can be inserted into any computer without needing to remove or alter anything that exists with the current operating system, regardless of which type this one is – Windows, Mac, etc.

If you are still in doubt about using Linux or at least give it a try, you should check with the reviews of users or join the Linux forums to get a better overview of the matter. You will find users who have been satisfied with Linux for longer than one year and still are content with what they get, knowing that many updates can be easily provided to the system.

Do not let yourself be intimidated by the thought that you will encounter a different environment because many of the Linux distributions make use of a Graphics User Interface which is very much similar to that used by Windows or Mac.

In this way, your transition to a new OS becomes easier. Now let’s see why you must at least give this OS a try. It is true that reasons can differ from one user to another, but in total there are some reasons that may apply to any computer user, be they frequent or rare users.

* Linux comes with low costs. Just think about it: you don’t pay a thing for getting Linux OS. It comes as an open-source operating system with similar software. This means that all source code is available and for this reason, you can easily modify the source code if you need it to. This will enable you to turn Linux distribution into what exactly you want it to do.

* Linux can be set up in such an efficient way that it can have enough hardware space to provide an increased performance while being tailored to the user’s needs.

* The diversity of Linux distributions enables you to find the one with the capabilities you desire. Once you get it, you may combine it with those existing Windows management systems to comply better with your needs.

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