Choosing the Best Linux Operating System

I remember that a friend of mine used to confront very frequently with problems related to his computer security and safety and in the meanwhile he was advised to give it a try to any of the Linux operating systems that are available for interested users.

Since that day, he only operates on Linux, and even with his parents’ computer, he switched to the Linux OS. My point is that Linux comes to the attention of many computer users due to its easiness of operating and because it comes also as a free OS.

Before you make your choice, it is however my duty (once I got it started with this topic) to point out some things that you need to know:

* Linux is offered under various types of OSs (some being truly excellent choices) and for this reason you are free to download and test as many as you like. Again they are cost-free, so what’s stopping you?

* If you are more comfortable getting started with something easier, you have the chance to go with the ones that are more simplistic and basic. But don’t think that they stop there, since you will find others with more sophisticated features and more graphic-oriented.

* If you encounter any problems or you have questions of all kinds, you can easily find online support without needing to pay for assistance.

* A good way to try it out is by burning the OS on a CD and in this way, you will see how it works without needing to interfere with the system that you currently use.

* One good start would be to go with those distributions that are rated as the top ten and in this way, you don’t have to search too much for your trial. Don’t worry about the software pertaining to Linux distributions because there is a piece for every user out there.

* There is always the feeling that you do something important once you download and use Linux – it is as if a new world of computer operation has been created and you have played an important part in this. Aside from this, you have always that feeling that you are more in charge than you have been with the other OS all this past time.

* The other thing you need to know and the one that I have mentioned subtly at the beginning of this article: there is no virus threat with Linux. If you are tired of always having your computer repaired and cleaned of viruses and other malware programs, then Linux is the answer for you!

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